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Look at this beautiful binding post!

Are you a vintage style radio or telegraph set builder? If so, you have reached the web site of the finest looking binding posts on the planet! These are not my words. The webmaster added this part.

My flagship product is the binding post that you see above. That is wonderful, heavy, golden solid brass. These are close to an inch tall and a half inch wide at the top. This binding post only needs an 8-32 screw to attach it to your project.

Customers have told me that when they get their first order of my binding posts, they sit for hours just fondling the piece and turning the head in and out. One even ordered a couple extra just so they could do this! It reminded me of that movie that starred Humphrey Bogart. :)

I don't sell these through dealers or wholesale distributors. If you want some of these binding posts, you will have to buy them here. The price of these beauties is $8 each. To celebrate the opening of my new web site, I am offering a special of 8 of these for $50. To order, contact Jon directly.

Mystery crystal set with binding posts, front view

Mystery crystal set with binding posts, side view

A "Mystery Crystal Set" built by Doug, AA0ER featuring Jon's brass binding posts and thumb nuts. The Mystery Crystal Set plans were first published in an Australian newspaper in the early 1930's and remains one of the most popular crystal sets built today.

Four binding posts on a one tube breadboard set.

Variometer project made by John Nicholson from Australia.

Brass Thumb Nuts

These solid brass thumb nuts are great for projects that need the elegance of brass connecting hardware but with a lighter touch. These thumb nuts are precision machined just as the binding posts shown above. The unique rope knurl and have a finely machined shoulder base are trademarks of Jon's work. The thread size is 8-32 and are available for $2.00 each.

Binding posts and knurled nuts on this homebrew breadboard crystal radio.

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